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Mulch and More offers a wide variety of soils and sand for any landscaping need, including those to amend your soil and reduce the amounts of chemical fertilizers needed to maintain a thriving landscape! Contact us today for more information.

White Masonry Sand 
Fine, white sand used primarily to mix mortar and thinset. Also commonly used in playgrounds, volleyball courts, sandboxes and under above ground pools.

River Sand 
River sand is primarily used as a top dressing for Bermuda and Zoysia lawns. It is also used to spread in between pavers or stone patios.

Top Soil 
 High quality, dark soil drains well, and contains fine mulch and horse manure, making it ready to be planted in. We sell our soil dry which makes it easier to work with.

Fill Dirt
Screened dirt used to help with sinking holes in the yard or to back fill behind a wall.

Polymeric Sand
Polymeric sand prevents washout in your pavers during a heavy rain and reduces the amount of water that will seep down into the base materials. Also keeps pavers in place and prevents weeds from growing between the joints.

Available in tan and granite (gray) color.

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