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Garden and Field Stone Boulders
Come palletized, 100 – 4000 lbs range, or can be bought individually. Frequently covered with beautiful moss for a very natural look. Perfect for setting in landscapes for added texture. We also carry Slate Boulders, which are NEW to us and we are the only yard to carry them south of Atlanta!!   Come and check them out!

A weathered grayish brown with moss and lichens embedded in some of the stone giving it a very earthy look. Fieldstone is basically loose stone found on or near the surface of the ground. This material maintains a very natural and rustic appearance as it is generally excavated and not blasted. The texture of this stone is rugged, and the sizes are fairly small. The Fieldstone Stack is great for stacked walls or using it for veneering. The Fieldstone Stepping Stones are great for making natural steps.

Tennessee Flagstone (Crab Orchard)
Dimensional flagstone is generally available in various dimensions and thickness. Irregular flagstones average approximately 1½” to 2½” thick with a face range of 12” to 36”. Stone stair treads, which are available in three sizes: 18″ x 36″, 18″ x 48″, and 24″ x 48″ (5″-6″ thick). Mantles and bridges (as seen above) are also offered. Please call for availability and pricing for these special products. We also carry large slabs which make amazing patio areas.  These all come in gray and brown variations. 

Cobblestone Brick
Tan to light brown stone bricks with a smooth surface. Bricks are cut into 4″ x 10″ blocks for a uniform look. Can be used for veneer or edging along walkway and comes tumbled or untumbled.


Oranges, browns and yellows highlight this stone, which comes in 1' to 3' length and anywhere from 1.5" to 6" in diameter. Great for walls, veneer, or border.s We also carry this in gray.

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